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Are you Doing too Much?

Are you doing too much? I am sure you have heard the words "you're doing too much," whether directed at you or at someone else. Depending on the context, the phrase could mean that a person thinks someone is too heavily involved in several different activities or it could mean that the articulator of those words has the impression that a person is doing something extra or unnecessary for the assigned task. While the words sometimes come from a place of love like when a person wants to let a friend know that they have taken on too many tasks, the words could also signify that someone is not on your level. So, when you hear those words, here are a few tips to assess if you are indeed doing too much or if the words are just an opinion.

1. Who said the words? If the words came someone close to you or someone you trust, then the likelihood is that the person wants you to pay attention to where you might be spreading yourself thin. They may notice that you have many obligations, but not enough time to contribute to all of them. Sometimes our friends and those close to us have to remind us to take care of ourselves.

2. What does the person know about the task? For example, I have worked with several organizations where a task takes much more effort than one would assume. In such cases, someone who has never worked on a similar task might think a person is doing too much, yet those who have worked in the area before understand what it takes to get the job done and to get it done well. Sometimes people assume we are "doing too much" when they do not fully understand what it takes to get a job done. This is also a reminder for us to seek information about things before we speak on things we do not fully understand. Otherwise, it becomes easy to hinder others with our words.

3. Is the person on your level? Now, this question is not to evaluate whether you are better than someone, but rather to reflect on where you are in life, your perspective on life, and your personal/professional development in certain areas. If you are in a season of giving your time and talents to others, someone who is not yet in that season or does not see giving to others as important could think you are "doing too much." In fact, in such cases what you’re doing may be too much for them to handle and they can’t figure out how you get it all done. So to them, it’s doing too much. Thus, they are not currently on the same level as you and cannot understand what you are doing.

So, I hope you continue to give of your talents to others, but to also assess when you need to slow down and take care of yourself. In all things, a good balance is key for a healthy life.

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