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Do you have a Million Dollar Mentality?

I was in a workshop once where participants were asked the question of what they would do if they were headed to an important meeting and a semi-truck turned over on the road. Now traffic is backed-up, traffic is back-to-back, and no one can get across for a few hours. Initially, many of the students in the session began to say they'd call and let the person or people waiting for them know that they wouldn't be able to make it. Then the presenters changed the scenario to add that there was one Million dollars waiting on you at the that important meeting and that you need to pick it up in an hour or it will be void. Immediately, responses began to change. Students began to think of creative ways to get around the truck to get to the money. The overall point of the scenario was how people try so much harder when something is important to them. So, I ask you the question, do you have a million dollar mentality about your success? A few questions to help guide you in this process:

1. Do you have dedicated time to concentrate on your goals each week? For example, do you know where you are in achieving your goals or do you just write down goals and hope they happen?

2. Do you easily give-up when things do not go your way or when you experience a temporary set-back? For example, do you take the first "no" as a sign that you shouldn't keep trying or do you take what you learned from that experience and apply it to move forward with your goals?

3. Do you commit resources to your success? For example, does all your extra money go to temporary items like clothes and shoes and you contribute nothing to that class you want to take to improve your skills? There's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, but make sure you treat yourself to resources that will move you toward long-term goals also.

4. Do you surround yourself with people who challenge you to be better? For example, do you have an inner circle that supports your goals and encourages you to move toward them?

These are some questions to think about when it comes to your million dollar success mentality. If you want to be successful, you have to put in the effort. I hope you want your success like you want a million dollars. Who knows. Your effort might even turn into a million dollars one day.

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