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Workshops & Training

A KEY ASPECT of personal and professional development is understanding yourself and others!


Diversity and Inclusion Workshops through ELA Education Services, LLC are used to 


  • Assist people with understanding their personal and social identities and how those identities affect their walk through life.

  • Move people from conversations about "diversity is important" to conversations that deal with power, privilege, and systemic oppression. 

  • Assist people with an ACTION PLAN to create social change.

  • Assist people with implementing aspects of diversity and inclusion in their daily activities.



Diversity & Inclusion Workshops


An Introduction to Diversity & Social Justice: This is a 2-hour group session used to review introductory concepts of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Participants will discuss the difference between those definitions and what it means to be on a social justice journey. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of the basic principles of social justice. This is a general session but it can be tailored to the needs of individual groups.

Intermediate/Advanced Diversity & Inclusion Session: This is a 4-hour session used to help those committed to social justice and inclusion think about their biases, and the ways in which they advocate for marginalized groups in the US. Power, privilege and oppression will be highlighted using historical and modern-day examples. This session is used to move people from conversations about "diversity is important" to conversations that deal with power, privilege, and systemic oppression. At the end of this session, participants will be able to answer the question, what privileges do I hold and how can I acknowledge those privileges in ways that make the US more equitable for others. Participants will also discuss ways to serve as an advocate for social justice issues in their local community. This session includes a FREE 30-minute consultation to assess the needs of your group.


Sample Diversity & Inclusion Topics

  • Using Social Justice Everyday​

  • Understanding Racial Microaggressions and the Impact

  • Language Matters: How What You Say Can Indicate Your Privilege

  • Safe Zone and LGBT+ Advocacy

  • Workplace Equity: Building a Culture of DEIB

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