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Don't Let Self-Doubt Count You Out

We all get down on ourselves. We don't always get what we want or what we think we deserve. You may say, "I'm not talented enough to do that" or "I don't have enough experience to do that." We all have those small moments when we doubt ourselves, but how will you move past that? If you stay in your self-doubt, you're counting yourself out. Those moments of disappointment are a part of your journey, so use them to write your story. Get up every day knowing that you control your story. Let your difficulties be a part of your story, not the ending. So, here are a few tips to deal with self doubt.

1. Reflect on why you doubt yourself. You must ask yourself "Why am I doubting Myself?" Is it due to lack of training or experience in a certain area? For example, do you doubt that you can open a business because you know nothing about opening a business? Do you doubt that you can sing in front of a crowd because you are shy? do you doubt you can get an A on that test because you've never received an "A" before? now after you have clarity on why you doubt yourself, you need to take action on what you can control.

2. Take action on what you can control. To take action on what you can control means that you need to move forward addressing what you can while not wasting time on what you cannot control. For example, if you know nothing about opening a business, do your research or ask people who have been successful in opening a business. You cannot control those who do not support your new business, but you can do everything in your power to research how to be successful in opening and operating your new business.

3. Surround yourself with the right people. To surround yourself with the right people means that you are intentional in associating with people who are success-minded and who will be a great support on your journey. The right people in your life will lend those encouraging words when you need it most and offer that boost of energy you need to keep going. You will know the right people are in your life by the way they support you in moving forward with your goals. in surrounding yourself with the right people, be sure you establish your expectations and be clear about the support that you need.

4. Self-Discipline. Finally, self-discipline will be one of the keys to your success. There will be times when you just do not feel like it, but it will take a great deal of discipline to keep going. There are small things that you can do each day to get into the habit of being disciplined. For example, setting a time to work on a project each day and sticking to it even when someone asks you to hang out or go to dinner. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes easier. Self-discipline is also about how to keep going when you do not feel like it. When you get down on yourself, figure out a way to keep going. Try to remember the reason you started, take a break if that is what you need or call on friends for support.

Again, remember that you control your story. So, Let your difficulties be a part of your story, not the ending.

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