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What Does Your Favorite Character Say About You?

Claire Huxtable had it all. She was intelligent, witty, a great mother and wife, and advocate for justice. She took nothing from people who suggested that women were less than men in any way. This was one of the many women I can name that I absolutely loved watching on television. Why? because I aspired to be like the fictional character one day. I liked that she could balance work and home, and no one was going to tell her that she wasn't good at what she did, whether it was supporting her family or the work she did at the law firm.

So, as I reflected more on why I liked her so much, it turned out that my being a fan of the character was not solely about the character at all. It was somewhat about myself as well. As a person who loves working with and assisting young adults, I do not plan on giving up that aspect of my career and I also want to have a family one day. So, for me it was great to see that aspect represented on television when there are people who will argue that you cannot have both, a successful career and a family. I clearly disagree.

This reflection as well as my reflection on other characters I am drawn to on television was a great way to gain insight on how I see myself and I think it can be insight for you too. So, ask yourself, "Who is my favorite celebrity and why?" Typically celebrities represent a fantasy for us or "goals" that we want to achieve. We like a particular person because they exhibit skills that we have or skills that we wish we had. Or, they hold on to some value that we may align with. For example Kerry Washington on Scandal represents power, independence, or appeal for some people. As you watch the show you might find yourself cheering for her antics because you wish you could be unstoppable or call the shots. Another example might be a character that you like because they speak their mind and you value when people say what's on their mind versus those that sugarcoat things. For others, such characters might represent something different. So, on the other hand, knowing the characters you do not like also provides insight into yourself and your values. Do you not like a character people they are a mean, vile individual and they digest you? Do you not like a character because they are too passive and let others push them around? Either way, knowing your favorite or least favorite celebrity or TV character is one way to determine characteristics you like or do not like about yourself as well as the values you hold dear in life.

Now, the next time you have a moment to reflect, ask yourself the question above and use the information to move forward with some of your goals. You might now be asking, well how do I use the answer to that question to move forward with a goal? Well, if a character you like reveals something to you that you like or do not like about yourself, set a goal to continue the positive action or to strengthen the characteristic you do not like. For example, if you find you like a character because they are not a push over, upon reflection you might discover that you like the character because you are not a push over as well and you like that about yourself. Thus, a goal could be that you will continue to be genuine and continue to not let others push you around. By the same toke another person could see this character and admire them because they wish they could say what was on their mind more. A goal for them then could be to be more honest with people about the way they feel, when appropriate.

So go ahead, use your favorite or least favorite character to learn more about yourself.

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