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The ONE Thing you Might be Missing When Setting Your Goals

I recently spoke with a young person who had their goals outlined and knew exactly what they wanted to do in their career. This particular person knew what they wanted to be and had thought about the steps to get there. However, the student was struggling with something. They weren't moving toward their goal. Again, they knew what they wanted to do and had thought about the steps to get there. That's all you need right? so what was the issue? Just like the student, we all know know two things about a goal. Where we are now and where we want to be. The student knew they were in college and that one day they wanted to graduate from college and pursue a particular profession. The student even researched some steps to get to that goal. However, something was still missing. The issue was that there was no plan in place. The student had an idea of what they needed to do, but had not actually taken the time to map out a plan with deadlines and specifics related to their particular career path.

All in all, this may be you. The one thing you may be missing when setting your goals is the plan to achieve it. You know where you are now, you know where you want to be. However, what are the specific and strategic steps that will help you move toward that goal? Do you know? The student mentioned earlier needed to complete an internship, talk with a mentor, complete a portfolio, create a resume, figure out what distinguished them from the crowd, and more. Yet, all this information was jumbled inside their head and they didn't know what to make of it.

The one thing that many people miss when setting goals, is the space between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. You see, it's easy to say that you're in college now and that you want to be a doctor in the future. However, what is all the stuff in-between that will get you from where you are now (college) to

where you want to be (future career).

If this is you, we want to chat with you. Let ELA Education Services, LLC assist you with a strategic plan to move toward your goals.

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