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4 Questions to Help you Prioritize Your Goals

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I prioritize the tons of ideas and goals I want to achieve? I have so many and want to do them all, so how do I do that? In this piece, I am going to share with you, four questions to help you prioritize the goals you want to achieve. As you review the questions, you should think about which of the tips would be most important to you as you prioritize your goals. Here's to effective goal strategies.

First Question: which of your goals will have the greatest level of return? So, you might be asking, what is that? when you are asking about Level of Return, you are thinking about which goals will have the greatest impact on your life. For example, when you are done completing any one goal, will it lead you to then achieving other goals? or lead you to other opportunities for success on your terms? or just have an overall large impact on your quality of life or satisfaction in life?

Second Question: Which goals will lead to the completion of other goals? Think hard about all the goals you want to achieve, then list which ones that can strategically move you toward other goals you want to achieve. For example, you want to open a non-profit organization for assisting families with adoption and you also want to help schools develop a curriculum for students to learn about adoption, etc. Will the completion of one of the goal listed make it easier for you to successfully complete the other goal? It's not that you cannot do both, but because they are two large goals, one needs to be prioritized. Then you could move on to the next larger goal. Get it? So try listing your goals and asking which ones will help or make it easier to move forward with remaining goals. When you have your answer, start with that goal(s).

Third Question: How much time do you need to complete your goals? Some goals might take a few days, while others could take months or years. As you are organizing goals for the month or year, take note of things that can be achieved in a short amount of time versus things that will take longer. Of course, things that can be done quickly, go ahead and get those done. However, this is not to say that the goals that take longer should be placed on the back-burner, rather this question also helps you to think about how you will set-up a plan to organize your time to reach goals. For example, let's say you want to complete college. The average time for college completion ranges between four and five years. In such cases where a long-term goal requires small actions over a long period of time, be sure to strategically think about and set a timeline for reaching the smaller goals that lead to the larger one. Additionally, you know that a goal that takes a longer amount of time will take more effort. Asking yourself this question will help you determine if pursuing one goal means that you will need to concentrate all or most of your efforts toward the completion of that goal.

Fourth Question: What do you need to invest to reach your goals? Is it money, time, other resources? and do you have what you need to invest. For example, if you need money to start a new venture, do you have that or is there something that needs to happen such as fundraising or saving money? Knowing what you need to invest helps you to think about what resources need to be in place before or during the time you pursue certain goals. If there is a goal that will take more investment than another, this question will help you strategize if you are overextending yourself in relation to the resources you need and the resources you have. Ultimately, the question should help you get at what resources do you have, what resources can you get and which resources will you apply to which goals. Choose the goals that make sense based on your passion and resources.

Answering these questions could help you determine which goals should come before others. It doesn't mean you can't work on all your goals. You just can't work on all your goals at the same time and expect great results. Now, as you are asking yourself these questions, you will also need to ask yourself which of the tips is most important to you. Is it more important to have resources? is it more important to get done with goals quickly? choose what is most important to you and move forward with prioritizing your goals.

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